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  1. So False,Do you feel that corienvatsves who OPPOSED civil rights and every measure of black advancement since the Emancipation are more in touch with the “equality” between blacks and whites?

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  12. Nem sequer sabes o que dizes. És da Académica há quanto tempo? O que sabes da Académica? Crucificar um miudo. porque não falas dos Directores da Academica que são de outros clubes? Essa tua posição é no minimo ridicula. É um muido que se portou mal e que naturalmente tem que ser chamado a atenção mas expulsar, es louco.

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  22. Hi jennifer, if they were burning and still sticking it sounds like you needed to use the non-stick baking paper. Watch the macaron FAQ video that i just put up last week and see if it helps.

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  31. put Rev Manning and the others (Sharpton, Jackson, Wright et al) in the same category as their counterpart white religious hucksters. (too many to list!)Stir the pot, to line their own pockets and feed their own egos.People who cherry pick facts and twist them don't need a "Rev Manning" to help them with their cause.

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  38. I remember one day when I was a child, my sister, who was probably 10 at the time, came home all giddy over what she learned at school. The reason boys are more violent, less mature, and less intelligent than girls, she was taught, was because “girls are pure and boys are hybrid.”

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  75. Hi Joanne if you watch the FAQ video you will see that the amount you fold the macarons makes a big difference to what they look like, you are likely to end up with over-mixed flat macarons by the time you add the second colour. I would suggest instead making 1/4 of the recipe at a time.

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