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We provide furniture Quality Inspection Service and take care your product quality with Inspection Service in Vietnam.

Our furniture inspection service range from sourcing reliably furniture manufacturer, monitoring production progress, Pre-shipment Inspection, until container loading inspections.

With our quality inspection services, your product will quality control and check carefully by our professional furniture inspectors.

We have plenty experience inspection with solid wooden items, natural rattan and PVC rattan furniture, mosaic furniture, decoration and handicraft items… both for indoor and outdoor.

What we inspect are:
Special request inspection


By performing inspections throughout the production process, companies are able to identify problems early with the goal of eliminating the causes. Utilized correctly, inspections save money by eliminating process problems and ensuring that the product meets your customers’ requirements and expectations. A consistent inspection program also reduces warranty costs, losses in productivity, and time involved in shipping products back to the factory.

Service Offering to customers :


Factory Audit (FA)
The Factory Audit is reported all the important elements, such as quality system procedures, production capacity, staff facilities, etc

It is like widely recognized that auditing can provide assurance of a company’s compliance with market and regulatory requirements. Auditing can also be used as a tool to strengthen your business, providing you the validated information you need to make informed business decisions on everything from product quality to business security.


Sourcing Reliable Factories (SRF)
With more than 20 years of experience working with many different factories and with many different categories, we have a wide supplier network and we can present you many reliable factories to take care your orders.  You will have right information to choose the right ones for your business. The right factory include themselves a good financial situation, good production capacity and good business manners.


During Production Inspection (DUPRO)
Inspect production when at least around 20% of the order has been completed from product specifications, packaging, packing and marking are met, also giving supplier recommendations on site, that would be quality is maintained to meet requirements.

More generally, During Production Inspection makes it possible to provide recommendations on site, so that the quality is maintained throughout the entire production phase.
During Production Check will help you identify and fix issues early in the manufacturing cycle.

Our team can monitor all production process when requested, if the expected production capacity is reached to complete the order on time.

Production Monitoring puts an inspector on site during the production process, representing your interests, to ensure production, materials, quality, schedules which you and your manufacturer initially agreed upon.
It is recommended to have an inspector at the factory throughout production, monitoring your order and reporting back to you daily so you can identify and fix problems in real time.


Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
The Inspection for quality of production is in accordance with the specifications or purchase orders.

It is carried out when a minimum of 80% of the goods ordered are export packed.
Samples are selected at random, according to specified sampling plans and procedures. The inspection ensures that the production is in accordance with the specifications, purchase orders or letters of credit.
Performing a detailed inspection helps ensure the conformity of production to your original specifications. With a detailed inspection report in your hands, you can then make the critical decisions regarding shipment of your goods.

^C2BDC9ED7EBA3865B201B7625C920421A9A0D2D0C408BE72B2^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrContainer Loading Check (CLC)
Checking the quality and quantity of the goods to be shipped to make sure everything should be delivered in good quality condition.  The inspector must monitor all items to be loaded into the container in good condition, according to the quantity specified in the purchase order.

Container Load Check is the final step in the manufacturing process to ensure the final details of your product are correct and actual ordered quantity are securely loaded in your container before signing off and settling final payment, we put an inspector onsite at the factory loading site, so you can be assured there won’t be any mistakes related to wrong size of shipment, damaged packaging and goods, or various other potential oversights.


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