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  1. Hopefully Mulcair can leverage his local popularity and win this seat. It gets very tiresome to watch places like North Quebec and all of Alberta, where the same parties are elected time and again regardless of how poor some of their candidates are.

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  4. disse:KoF é indiscutivelmente bom na maioria de suas edições (leia-se até o 99 XD) e com todo o respeito a MK (que tbm curto), foi a única série de jogos de luta a rivalizar de verdade com SF.Mas se vc observar que a SNK teve de juntar TODAS as suas franquias principais e ainda escavar personagens de jogos antigaços pra poder competir, não tem como negar a supremacia do jogo da Capcom.^^

  5. Swiss citizen, grew up there- beautiful but the weather isn’t the best – why did nobody choose Hawaii where I live now – for already 17 years – unreal climate and safe!

  6. RHAAA je suis perduuuuue je ne sais pluuuuus mais qui êtes-vous TOUS ! Et qu’est-ce que vous faites l? ? Quelles sont ces voix dans ma tête ?

  7. Obama's background reveals an 'education' directed against the West and the book upon which Israel and both our nations are rooted in.A good investigation to Obama's background is The Post American Presidency – the Obama Admin's war on American by P Geller with R Spencer. Obama's sympathies do not lie with Israel, they can't due to his upbringing and the choices he makes in his politics.kate b

  8. WOW! These are awesome. I only made a single recipe as you never know about GF recipes, but I will double it in the future. They refrigerate and freeze well. Toasted or not, you can’t lose. Thank you for posting this recipe and giving us hope of having something that not only tastes, but also feels like bread. I’ve already passed this on.

  9. The light is insane!! you might fall in love with how beautiful the cactus looked if you didnt step on one! You are such a great photographer!! love these images!!xoxoErica

  10. Thais – Obsessão LiterariaLendo: FLock and Key – Sarah DessenComentário: Estou gostando bastante do livro. É bem diferente daquilo que eu pensei. A personagem é muito profunda… ainda estou na metade, vamor ver o que acontece no final. (Respondendo a pergunta que vc fez no meu blog) Mas não parece o tipico romance adolescente. Esperar as provas passarem pra ver se eu leio ele realmente.[]garotaquele Reply:September 30th, 2010 at 9:51 amA Iris fez uma review dele que me deixou com vontade de ler… parece uma história sutil.[]

  11. Pas mon style, étant donnée la nature de mes cils pourris. xDMais il a l’air de bien faire son boulot.Question…Tu as fait une couleur à tes cheveux ou bien c’est le soleil qui les éclaircit? :oOu alors c’est moi qui suis à l’ouest et n’ai pas remarqué + tôt que tu avais fait une couleur + claire que d’habitude. ^^’

  12. This video is very informative and put together very well. But even before the video, it was so clear what the Obama administration and mainstream media were doing – creating a false narrative and a diversion from the truth which has become their routine MO. Anyone paying attention would have to intentionally not want to know the truth to not see this as perhaps the largest coverup of our lifetime. I now wish the question asked would be what was Ambassador Stevens doing in Benghazi in the first place. This may be the real story.

  13. Well, I am wondering if the same thing that plagued the boats at Disneyland’s It’s a Small World is also plaguing the WDW Monorail system. That was the increased average weight of the visiting public.WIth the previously mentioned fact that the lean bars were removed to allow for guests and the fact that the average height and weight has increased since the monorail infrastructure was put into place, I would guess that could put more wear and tear on the system than was anticipated on inception.

  14. What adorable items and I love the Ralph Lauren brand! We were very lucky to get some high end hand-me-downs for Willie in that brand. Love it 🙂

  15. la verdad que esta bastante chulo, y el rollito años 60 m gusta mucho… pero me quedo con el canario que sale, es igual que mi chori xD un bsito nuria! spero que la vuelta de cibeles fuera buena!

  16. Wow!! Talk about creativity!! Love that you didn't go heart shaped. This recipe sounds amazing too. I love artichokes and I've never had them this way. Need to make these! PS… Your girls are beautiful!!

  17. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this web site. I’m hoping the same high-grade blog post from you in the future as well. Actually your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own site going now. Really blogging is spreading its wings and growing rapidly. Your write up is a great example.

  18. It is just after 10 in the morning and I read this post. I really am very hungry for grilled cheese sandwiches after reading it's not even lunch time yet. Way to go spending time making awsome good food for your family. I have seen your trim family eat and those 2 loaves will not last long. I am impressed with your dedication to bring health and homemade foods to both your family and mine. Thanks so much for making me hungry . Mom

  19. I think you're underestimating how many times you can divide 300 billion by factors of 2 or 3 or 4 and still have it be a very big number.On the other hand, if the probability of random chemicals self-assembling into a self-reproducing machine is 1 in 10^1000000, then that one thing by itself is plenty to explain why there's no (intelligent, complex, multicellular) life in the universe, but us. Occam's Razor, and all that.

  20. I also read somewhere that the main purchaser of the Volt is YOU, via the "Your Federal Tax Dollars at Work" Program. Now, how this Administration can say that Purchasing a Product at MSRP from a Company that it already owns is just more Proof that GM should have been allowed to FAIL.

  21. mein name 0  1boah was ein schrott die effekte und kampf szenen sehen aus wie aus den 90ern da seh ich eher princ of persia an als diesen mist

  22. I’m honored to say that I am the friend mentioned above who disagrees with fun-fact-learned-number-2 :p BUT, believe me when i say this…the cupcakes were DELICIOUS! I had one with lunch, after dinner and one for breakfast too. *slurrrp* For a lactose-intolerant, these cupcakes are bliss. The first bite brought a smile to my face, made me happy.Thank you Eesha

  23. fatin x pernah lagi dgr seblum ni hehebetol ehh sdap??hehe tapi durian fatin suka la..klu mcm ni no komen hehe fatin hanani recently posted..

  24. “…but I think the real issue is that I live in the Midwest.”You know, I always bristle whenever anyone gets to be a geography snob (I loathe the term “flyover state”) but after moving to northern Michigan, and finding that 99% of the women who live here are either retirees or single moms or *really* trashy single moms, (which, y’know, God bless single moms, they’re doing a tough job) that’s just not my speed. That may or may not be geography-related, but at least in an area with a denser/larger population, there was more of a selection to choose from.

  25. Kari Marie -Drink, please! Exactly.My poor son has a bunk bed and sleeps in the top one. The rats are literally running inches above his head.But at least I believe him.How comforting, right?Ha!julie gardner recently posted..

  26. 1. If it’s comfortable and works for you, don’t change it. AKA If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.2. Just go to any shoe store and put your foot in one of those metal foot measurerers.

  27. Hopefully this works as you can count on me to make a post after the slaughter has commenced 🙂 Link spam and keyword stuffing is still too easily working so we'll see what's up next month I guess.

  28. They had bowmen, catapults, fire and of course boarding parties. But it was not as simple as that. The opposing sides would try to outflank each other and jockey for position or trap the adversary in low water. It became like a game of chess on the sea.

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  30. I have always used mindfulness to become part of the moment of doing something and fully engaging. For instance, when drinking tea or coffee, fully become aware of all aspects of the preparation, pouring, and drinking without thinking of something else. Just be present, its a great exercise and then return to the breath when needed.

  31. Oh!Dziekuje serdecznie za bardzo ciekawe informacje i zdjecia dotyczace Getta i starej Warszawy. Wlasnie takich blogow jak Panski szukam i czytam najbardziej.Pozdrawiam.Ps. Interesuje mnie Melchior Wankowicz. Czy posiada pan troche informacji rowniez na jego temat. Chodzi mi miejsca w ktorych mieszkal przed wojna jak i po wojnie. Tzw “Domeczek” na ul. Dziennikarskiej itp.Dziekuje

  32. Thanks so much, Pam! The book actually has a slightly different title now from when I posted this–Vienna Waltz. My editor's idea, and I like it even better!

  33. I love the original Flowerbomb because of its luscious, heady, floral explosion.For me, it’s a fragrance made for summer nights and parties. It lets everyone know you’ve arrived!

  34. ;-)) Pyha sÃ¥ er det ikke mit barn der er "mærkelig"….Min søn bruger dem som en slags smutsten, i hallen dyster de om hvem der kan fÃ¥ dem længst hen af gulvet…Han mÃ¥ have en limpistol i fødselsdagsgave i november sÃ¥ kan vi mÃ¥ske fÃ¥ lidt styr pÃ¥ dem for jeg finder dem ALLE vegne.KH

  35. Douche: Because I love them and I saw them live 3 times last summer I just wish they (or at least Patton) would be a bit more humble and respectful. But you’re right man.

  36. The US does not practice Capitalism, and there is no free market. 9 federal cabinet departments and over 100 federal agencies and commissions control the economy. The Federal Register alone contains over 73,000 pages of detailed government regulations. More than forty dollars of every one hundred dollars of output are appropriated by the government against the will of the individual citizens who produce that output. Interest rates are artificially manipulated by a secretive, private bank with a monopoly on fiat money. There is absolutely nothing free or capitalistic about it.

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  42. “the right to defend themselves”From what? People hauling bags of cement? People transporting medical aid and toys? The great myth of Israel under siege, promulgated since 1948.Mrs. Clinton can tie the edge of Uncle Sam’s jacket a buoy outside Tel Aviv, but she can’t dictate the global response.

  43. Hi there! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!

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  47. DG wrote..Eleven years after September 11, Afghanistan is nowhere near being stable; instead it is the Middle East that is becoming AfghanistanizedAnd why should we require our historic enemies to be peaceful and developing, thus making them real threats to our safety?DP111

  48. I want Incarceron by Catherine Fisher! I just found out about this book the other day and was shocked I hadn’t heard about it before. Can’t wait to read it!Thanks for the giveaway! I am a paper reader all the way (no ebooks for me!), so I love that you’re doing this giveaway. Keep up the good work!

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  59. Thank you, Diane, for your interest. I think you can blame these Jewish filmmakers for their ambivalence, for making the Nazis more interesting. Why is another question — although I guess it’s historical accuracy in one sense. And maybe what Tolstoi said about happy families applies to victims, too.It’s funny, I wrote a piece about the problems I had with Schindler’s List for the Arizona Daily Star when the film first came out, explaining my negative reaction. Boy, did I get a lot of flak for it!


  61. This is normally a color I’d run away from, but it looks great on you, and I love how you layered it! Your “expert colorer” comment made me laugh. I think I might have ruined a corner of the wall or two at some point too LOL

  62. (sempre sull’intraducibilità del Qur’an)… da qui, secondo me, anche il rapporto complesso dell’Islam con la musica e la poesia, le concorrenti vere dell’Immagine Sonora suprema, molto di più di quelle visive.

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  67. “Anyone who won’t send payments to Hamas is in a state of war with Islam!”; a parallel can be drawn with the Annual Islamophobia Awards, in which for: pointing out that some Muslims aren’t integrating; supporting Israel; suggesting the removal of passports of potential Muslim terrorists; denouncing Islamic fundamentalism as a danger; suggesting that “Europe must revive on the basis of common Christian roots”; declaring a “fight against terror”; etc.

  68. Lolotte : Ah ! les stocks sont importants ))) j'aime bien ce vestairei simple t toujours satisfaite de la qualité. Quant aux prix, si tu voyais à quel point (pas uniquement pour CDC) grimpent…

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  70. Pete Abel Polimom wrote: “I'm wondering whether we haven't abandoned something essential in our education of our children. In the increasingly “square peg square hole” schools, they are not taught to question or challenge — to think — in a way that will serve them when they must later sift and sort between political and social input.”That seems to be precisely the point of Slouka’s essay.

  71. Great advice, I certainly understand that person that wants to take jabs at you–I have one myself. These are great tips because I often get frustrated while getting everyone ready and out for church when I should be at peace. Thank you!

  72. needs slaps:funny how your singular existence and unique antics herein make the film "birth of a nation" look like your very own biographical documentary?u r a disgrace to jews u kosher racist loon!

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